We are the largest Private Dermatologist Practice in Singapore with a team of 7 Dermatologists to care for you and your skin.

Each of our Dermatologists has various sub-specialisations — covering all aspects of skin including Dermatosurgery, Skin Cancer Management, Difficult Dermatosis, Phototherapy, Paediatric Dermatology and Aesthetic Dermatology — ensuring that every skin problem has a solution when you step into our clinics.

Our Dermatology Group also comprises a product development team headed by our Dermatologists and a PhD chemist with top industrial advisors, bringing you a comprehensive skincare range to compliment your quest for healthy skin.

We strive to make dermatology help accessible across Singapore with our 5 clinic locations — Shenton, Parkway East Hospital and 3 clinics at Orchard Road; Beyond our shores we have also opened clinics in Hong Kong (Our company is listed on the HK Exchange since 2017), Malaysia, and upcoming expansion into China. We are committed to deliver the highest quality of Dermatological, Medical and Aesthetic standards to take care of you and your skin.

Our Group is a medical and surgical service provider for different customer groups in the field of dermatology. We provide an all-round treatment solution that is tailored to our patients’ individual needs. Services are provided to our patients for the treatment of, among others, skin cancer, skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, pigmentation, adverse drug reactions and warts. We also perform aesthetic treatments to enhance the overall appearance of patients.

These are achieved through our provision of personalised services including:

(a) Consultation Service: Doctors provide medical consultation to, and assessment of, patients at our Clinics;

(b) Prescription and Dispensing Service: following consultation with our Doctors, our Doctors may prescribe medication and/or recommend skincare products (which include our DS brand skincare products or over-the-counter skin care products) to our patients which are then dispensed at our Clinics; and

(c) Treatment: following consultation with our Doctors and assessment of the specific condition of our patients, our patients may undergo certain treatments as recommended by our Doctors, which may be broadly categorised into surgical treatments, minimally invasive/non-invasive treatments and other treatment services.

Visit our clinic website @ www.dermclinic.com.sg for more information.